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Here you can find every information regarding the Discord Ball Z bot.


  1. How do I invite the bot on my server ?

  2. Main commands (rewards/language/voting).

  3. How do I get Zenis/Dragon Stones(DS) ?

  4. How can I see my/other characters ? How can i set one as a fighter/favorite ?

  5. How can I fight ? How do I level up my characters ?

  6. How do I heal my characters ?

  7. How do I get new characters ? How does the summoning system works ?

  8. How do I trade/give characters/zenis or DS ?

  9. What's a banner ?

  10. Discord Roles

  11. How do I sell characters ?

I. How do I invite the bot on my server ?

First of all the prefix of the bot is db or d!.
To invite the bot on your server type dbinvite, It will send you on a discord invite like this:


Choose the server where you want to add the bot then accept it (you gotta have some kind of mod/admin rank to invite the bot on your server)
The bot needs a role with this permission on to work:


If you want the bot not being able to work in certain chats just disable it here in the chat perms:


II. Main commands (rewards/language/voting).

You can find most of the main commands by typing dbhelp.
Start the bot by typing Dbstart, DS and Zenis are offered to start with (see other sections to see what they are used for)
you can get daily and hourly rewards by typing dbhr and dbday
hourly rewards have a combo, each consecutive hourly will make you gain more and more rewards.
You can vote and get rewards every 12 hours by typing Dbvote, it will send you on an external link, just login with your discord account and vote to receive your rewards
you can switch between 2 languages : Baguette and English, type Dblang en/fr to do it.

III. How do I get Zenis/Dragon Stones(DS) ?

To gain zenis you'll need to fight enemies (see section V) by defeating an enemy you'll receive zenis that can be spent on the Dbshop to gain DS, react to the emotes like this to purchase a pack.


IV. How can I see my/other characters ? How can i set one as a fighter/favorite ?

Every character has a father ID and unique ID, The father ID is the ID that represents a character, The unique ID is the ID that represents a specific character apart from every other versions of that character, for example Cell LR is #208 (father ID) but mine has a Unique ID of #78879


Your characters are stocked in a "box" to view them type dbbox (rarity, page)
rarities: N,R,SR,SSR,UR,LR


As you can see this is My Lr box, i typed Dbbox lr 1 to open it, if i wanted to view the page 2, i would have typed Dbbox lr 2, If i wanted to see the 69th page of SSR's i have, i would have typed Dbbox ssr 69 (nice).

The dbbox command is used to see the Unique ID's of your characters, by showing you the characters you own with their father ID's, If you want to see the Unique ID of a character you own, type Dbbox id (father ID)

You can also search for characters you own by typing Dbshow (Unique ID) or search the same way but for a character you don't own with the Dbinfo (father ID) command

To set a fighter, type Dbfighter (Unique ID)

To set a character you own as favorite, type dbfav (father ID), Dbunfav for the opposite

V. How can I fight ? How do I level up my characters ?

PVP doesn't exist for now, only PVE does

The fighting system is really simple, you need to have a fighter equipped, then type dbfight (level), summoned characters will start at level 1, and will gain strength, health and levels as you defeat enemies, so don't go retard mode and try defeating a lvl 500 with a lvl 1 Yamcha as you'll probably get destroyed.

During the fight you have choices between 2 attacks (3 if LR), gaining KI or fleeing, the first attack is the sequence which is good for low level enemies, but as you start fighting higher level ones sequence becomes useless, so you'll need to start gaining ki to release a stronger attack, you'll need 12 Ki for the 2nd attack and 24 for the 3rd, you gain between 1 and 6 Ki per round :

ki fight

If you lose the fight your character will need to get healed to fight again (see section VI)

you also gain zenis when you defeat an enemy like i said in the section III, fighting an enemy with the same level as your fighter will earn you 5k zenis and also gain 5k per each level higher than your fighter for a max cap of 100k zenis, so 19 lvls above your fighter.

VI. How do I heal my characters ?

I could make a compilation on how much people i've seen that asked how you heal your characters, healing characters is really complex so i had to make a huge paragraph to explain how it works, here we go:


btw you can see the time remaining on the healing by typing Dbp if the fighter is equipped.


VII. How do I get new characters ? How does the summoning system works ?

To summon characters you need to have atleast 5 DS for a single summon by typing Dbsum, or if you are rich (plz send me ds) you can type Dbms which will consume 50 DS for 10 summons.

you will gain characters varying in rarity from N to LR (0.1%), you cannot level up the rarity of a character, you must obtain it by summoning.

reminder: you get DS in the Dbshop

VIII. How do I trade/give characters/zenis or DS ?

you can trade by typing Dbtrade @player


For example on this screen i asked Emile to a trade, both players have to accept it by reacting to the emote, you can then place the items you want to trade by typing Zenis (number)/ds (number) or char (Unique ID).

you can also give players items by typing dbg @player zenis/ds/char.

IX. What's a banner ?

A banner is something that represents the current exclusive characters, you can type dbbanner too see which exclusive characters are "sommonable" at this time, the banners change every week (on Monday, check announcement channel).

X. Discord Roles

As you level up your profile you'll gain roles, if you have the lvl required but if you dont have the role just wait till the bot gives it to you.


XI. Selling characters

You can sell characters to gain Zenis by typing dbsell all, which will sell all dupes but won't sell characters that are above lvl 1 even if they are dupes.

You can also sell by rarity by typing dbsell N/R/SR/SSR/UR/LR (don't sell lr's, bad idea, they only sell for 150k each).

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